Photos| Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen in Portland, Oregon

Who: Catfish and the Bottlemen

Where: Roseland Theater Portland, Oregon

When: March 25, 2019

Preparing for the release of their latest album, The Balance, Catfish and the Bottlemen set out across the United States to tour each major city, giving each stop a taste of what’s to come. Hanging above the band was a large lighting display outlining a bird drinking soda through a straw, which is the album art for their next album. Mixing in their latest singles, and biggest hits off their two prior albums, Catfish and the Bottlemen brought an arena-like performance to Portland.

Throughout their set Catfish and the Bottlemen let their music speak for itself, which was perfectly okay with the Portland crowd. The lights would go black after each song, followed by a soft and breathless Van McCann saying “thank you” – little else was said throughout the show and nothing else needed to be said. The crowd was defeating, and feeding off of McCann and company’s energy. Van McCann is a showman born for arena and indie rock, stumbling around the stage with his guitar and throwing his mic stand around. The crowd cheered at each of McCann’s moves and roared the lyrics back at the band.

Catfish and the Bottlemen handpicked each of the fan favorite tracks off each album for their setlist, but some of the best and loudest moments came from songs off their first album, The Balcony. The most intimate moment of the show came from an acoustic and solo performance between Van McCann and the audience with “Hourglass.” The crowd harmonized and sang along with McCann until he allowed the crowd to finish the last verse as he played out the outro on his guitar. Shortly after their show ended with the final song on The Balcony, “Tyrants,” where they gave an extended performance with every last bit of energy and emotion they had left.

Catfish and the Bottlemen will be releasing their new album The Balance on April 26, 2019.

For more information on Catfish and the Bottlemen, visit their website.


Post and photos by Joe Hernandez (Instagram l Website)

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