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Pink Floyd feature in Uncut’s Prog Rock Archive Collection magazine

online worldwide through this link ( is a special magazine from the makers of the UK’s respected Uncut Magazine. Prog Rock – The Ultimate Genre Guide is a blend of newly written articles, along with classic archive features, looking at the greats of the golden age of UK progressive rock. As the opening piece suggests, the period featured bands and performers retreating from the limelight, be it via elaborate stage shows, or the wearing of fox heads and make-up as a mask. This was all to give prominence to the music – and what music some of it was! Artists covered in some depth across the 124 pages include The Moody Blues, King Crimson, Yes, ELP, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Floyd’s chums The Soft Machine, and of course Pink Floyd, who are also the cover stars. The twelve-page Floyd section is in two parts. First, there’s an extensive look at the band’s music, including how they took some of the complex arrangements on the road – and how these were presented to the audiences. This section is followed by three fascinating articles from 1973 editions of the New Musical Express and Melody Maker weekly newspapers, two of which include extensive interviews with David Gilmour – giving an interesting look at his, and the band’s, thoughts and feelings at the time. There’s also a list of the 40 best UK prog albums so you can see how many are in your own collection, and maybe find titles that you’ll want to track down to explore further. Elsewhere you can find a list of some of the most collectable records of the genre, in case you are sitting on an obscure goldmine! You can pick up this magazine in larger UK stores at the moment, or via the publisher’s online store worldwide (

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General Election 2019: Politicians that played rugby

With the 2019 general election fast approaching we decided to put together a list of politicians you mightn’t have known played… Andrew R T Davies: The Conservative leader in Wales is the National Assembly Rugby team’s chairman and was part of the side who have taken on the House of Commons at Cardiff Arms Park…

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