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Roger Waters Us + Them tour film to get cinema screening this year

It has just been announced that Trafalgar Releasing have acquired the new Roger Waters film based on his 2017/2018 Us + Them World Tour, for a global event cinema release. Trafalgar were the company behind the similar events for Roger’s film of The Wall, and David Gilmour’s Live At Pompeii, the screenings of which were very successful, and well received by fans. Roger and his band performed a total of 156 shows to 2.3 million people throughout North America, Australia New Zealand, Europe, Russia, Latin America and Mexico, opening in May 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri, and ending in December 2018 in Monterrey, Mexico. The shows in Amsterdam were specifically filmed for release, but we wonder if shots have been included from other concerts on the tour. The image that Trafalgar have released with the news, and kindly supplied to us, shows Roger at London’s Hyde Park [click thumbnail to see it in greater detail]. A great image, but suspect that this particular performance, on a very hot day last summer, won’t be included in the footage. Roger’s manager, Mark Fenwick said: Roger has been the innovator of theatre in arena and stadium rock and roll since the early 70’s. He is legendary for pushing the boundaries of surround sound and visual entertainment with his message of love and humanity through Us + Them . Those who saw Roger’s most recent tour will know what a visual tour de force it was, and we’ve got very high hopes that the film of the tour will represent the striking event well. More news will be released in due course, with the global event cinema release scheduled for Autumn/Fall 2019. We then suspect the DVD/Blu-ray release will follow, either for the end of the year, or for early 2020.

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