Photos | Review: Two Door Cinema Club Cause a ‘False Alarm’ at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit, Michigan

Who: Two Door Cinema Club, False Alarm Tour

Where: Majestic Theatre, Detroit, Michigan

When: September 29, 2019

A robotic voice echoes from the dimly lit red fog. The giant screen one stage comes to life and a countdown begins, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Error. Try Again. As the screen goes black the swank-ily dressed gentlemen of Two Door Cinema Club walk to the stage. The screen flashes, “Ready to start?” The crowd erupted as the drums start a beat to “Talk,” the first single off the groups fourth album False Alarm released earlier this summer.

It didn’t take hardly any time at all for the Northern Irish indie rockers to find their group. A fun, bright and at times psychedelic light show combined with front man Alex Trimble’s occasionally choreographed moves on stage had the Majestic Theatre going wild as they played “Undercover Martyn,” a song that turns ten (10!) this coming February.

Think about that for just a second. These guys have been rocking your ear holes for a decade now! You know the lyrics to more of these songs than you probably even realize, and that is exactly how the set played out. Hit after hit, after hit, but that’s not to say they aren’t playing anything of the new album. Alex pauses as “Do You Want It All?” Comes to an end and asks the crowd if the group can do something they don’t usually do, and that is to debut a song live in Detroit Rock City! That track being “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” another track off their latest album. It’s a fun and punchy song with an infectious synth beat that, if you’re old enough, might remind you of Devo.

The hits continued as Trimble took sips from the wine glass he keeps on an amp between songs, a fun touch that exudes the classy look he has with the suit and turtle neck. The group played “Changing of the Sesaons,” “What You Know,” “Eat That Up,” and “Something Good Can Work” to a crowd full of never ending energy. Everyone knew the songs, everyone seemed to know one another inside, dancing non-stop the entire length of the set.

Two Door Cinema Club closed out the evening with “Sun”

Post and photos by David Painter

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