Photos | Review: Jon Bellion in Portland, Oregon

Who: Jon Bellion

Where: Moda Center, Portland, Oregon

When: July 18, 2019

Jon Bellion proves that an artist that goes at their own pace and doesn’t conform to modern music industry standards can still have a successful career. Following the release of 2016’s The Human Condition, a beloved album by fans, Jon Bellion shared his most recent album Glory Sound Prep. Despite being an album, not radio or playlist friendly, Glory Sound Prep was a huge success and his Glory Sound Prep Tour has been filling arena’s across the United States. Fans continued to do so in Portland, where they filled their Moda Center to show their love and devotion to Jon Bellion and his art.

A group of girls showed up to the venue at 4 am, with hundreds of premade signs that said “Thank You” and continued to create more throughout the day. During the opening notes of Bellion’s song “Stupid Deep,” the entire venue held up these sings to the artist. Emotional and choked up, Jon Bellion stopped the music to take a moment to collect himself and thank his fans for supporting his art and direction over the years. The love between Bellion and his fans is mutual, and as Bellion continues to grow and experiment with his music it’s obvious his fanbase will follow and support him through his endeavors.

It was a high energy show and powerful performance by Jon Bellion, and his band. The set consisted of the song mostly from Glory Sound Prep, with select fan favorites through Bellion’s prior albums. Throughout the set, Bellion made a point to highlight and give his band members their own solos and opportunities to be the main attention. It shows Jon Bellion is grateful for his team and the people that support him behind the scenes, and further proves how unique of an artist he is. Not only does he want to create an album that is different, but he wants his art to reflect in his live shows and deliver an experience truly unlike any other.

For more information on Jon Bellion, visit his website.


Post by Joe Hernandez (Instagram l Website)

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