Honey Pot Releases New Single Shut Your Mouth

Honey Pot Releases Shut Your Mouth Single

Honeypot released their latest single “Shut Your Mouth” today.  This is the latest song from the upcoming vinyl album, On The B Side, due out on March 19, 2021. The is the fourth single from the album. The band previously released the songs. “Fake News”, “Over the Line” and “On the B Side”.

Honeypot is an indie rock band from Charleston, SC.  The band is comprised of Frank Hartman (guitars, drum, vocals) and Chris Chamberlain (bass, backing vocals, production).  Hartman is a practicing lawyer by day and musician by night.  A South Carolina native, he has been influenced by classic and progressive rocks bands like Rush, Toll, and Alice in Chains.

“Shut Your Mouth” is the last song before the LP release in March.  Frontman Frank Hartman explains, “The subject matter is satirical, as per usual – a satirical view on couple dynamics. In this story, the woman is the antagonist. It addresses long-term couple dynamics where someone seeks solace in substance abuse. As one person shrinks, the other looms larger to fill the void. But with a funny backdrop. Recording it was straight forward. I hit the opening lick a couple of times, we doubled it up for surround sound. I took a little more time with the lead section and went for a pretty melody over the song’s intensity. It’s a Yin-Yang dynamic to make the subject matter more palatable.”

The full album comes out March 19, 2021 on vinyl and digital. Fans can pre-order the album here.

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Post by Scott Raymer (Website | Instagram | Facebook)

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