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New Pink Floyd print series launches

One of the ever present areas of interest for Pink Floyd collectors are posters. Whilst originals are the most desired, and highly sought after, reproductions and newly created works marking past concerts often prove a more affordable way for fans to brighten dull walls. To tap into this desire, a recently opened gallery, Echo (, are now offering a range of officially licensed, limited edition posters representing different artists, including Pink Floyd. They have just launched the first of their Floyd posters, a print by artist WolfSkullJack commemorating Pink Floyd’s performance from October 13, 1973 in Vienna, Austria which is now available to buy in three variants. The artist said: “My father introduced me to Pink Floyd when I was but a wee pup and Dark Side of the Moon was a regular on the record player. I am eternally thankful to have inherited his excellent music taste! When working for musicians I love to put on their music as I sketch and ink in an attempt to capture the bands essence and I think that shines through here. “The art is heavily influenced by Time and Breathe, two of my favourites, with reference to the lyrics, ‘Run, rabbit run’ in Breathe. Wolves in my work are often ethereal/celestial creatures who represent time and space. The wolf is representative as part of the natural life cycle of the rabbit in an all natural way rather than something sinister.” Should you be interested in these prints, or subsequent ones they offer (including a 2021 Subscription scheme) visit ( for more information.

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