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Roger Waters Us + Them 2CD, 3LP, DVD and Blu-ray announced

The news that many of you have been waiting for – the physical editions of the Roger Waters Us + Them concert film have now been announced, and will be released on October 2nd, 2020.Whilst the digital edition is now available to purchase or rent from your preferred outlet in 4K, HD and SD digital formats, we've had a lot of emails and messages asking us when people can get their hands on the Blu-ray, DVD, CD or 3LP vinyl of this spectacular recording. Whether you go for the digital download, the Blu-ray, or DVD, you'll have access to two additional concert songs not included in the original film shown in cinemas – Comfortably Numb and Smell The Roses – along with the short but fascinating documentary style feature A Fleeting Glimpse, which looks behind the scenes.Let's take a closer look at the contents. The 2CD set features the show (minus C Numb and Roses) split across the two discs, with the split coming where the intermission of the show was. So, you have on disc one: Intro / Speak To Me / Breathe / One Of These Days / Time / Breathe (Reprise) / The Great Gig In The Sky / Welcome To The Machine / Deja Vu / The Last Refugee / Picture That / Wish You Were Here / The Happiest Days Of Our Lives / Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2 and 3. Turning to the second disc, this contains: Dogs / Pigs (3 Different Ones) / Money / Us And Them / Brain Damage / Eclipse / The Last Refugee (Reprise) / Deja Vu (Reprise).The 3LP vinyl edition follows the above track list, but is split as follows: LP1 Side A: Intro – The Great Gig In The Sky; LP1 Side B: Welcome To The Machine – The Last Refugee; LP2 Side C: Picture That – Another Brick In The Wall Pt 3; LP2 Side D: Dogs; LP3 Side E: Pigs (3 Different Ones) – Money; LP3 Side F: Us And Them – Deja Vu (Reprise).The Blu-ray and DVD editions have the same contents but obviously the Blu-ray will be presenting the material in higher quality. These present the whole show (as per the 2CD track listing, but obviously not split), along with the live performances of Comfortably Numb and Smell The Roses, and the documentary A Fleeting Glimpse.Needless to say, this is bound to be a popular release when it appears on October 2nd. You should be able to place your orders for this through the following direct links (the use of which benefits Brain Damage at no extra cost to you, and is hugely appreciated by us as help towards the ongoing running costs of the site):ROGER WATERS US + THEM 3LP VINYL: ( UK ( camp=1634 creative=19450 creativeASIN=%20%20B089774M22 linkCode=as2 tag=braindamage-21)Canada ( ( ( ( camp=3370 creative=23322 creativeASIN=%20%20B089774M22 linkCode=as2 tag=bradamonl-21)Spain ( camp=3626 creative=24822 creativeASIN=%20%20B089774M22 linkCode=as2 tag=braidama01-21)ROGER WATERS US + THEM Blu-ray: ( UK ( camp=1634 creative=19450 creativeASIN=%20%20B08975HHLQ linkCode=as2 tag=braindamage-21)Canada ( ( ( ( camp=3370 creative=23322 creativeASIN=%20%20B08975HHLQ linkCode=as2 tag=bradamonl-21)Spain ( camp=3626 creative=24822 creativeASIN=%20%20B08975HHLQ linkCode=as2 tag=braidama01-21)ROGER WATERS US + THEM DVD: ( UK ( camp=1634 creative=19450 creativeASIN=%20%20B08978X189 linkCode=as2 tag=braindamage-21)Canada ( ( ( ( camp=3370 creative=23322 creativeASIN=%20%20B08978X189 linkCode=as2 tag=bradamonl-21)Spain ( camp=3626 creative=24822 creativeASIN=%20%20B08978X189 linkCode=as2 tag=braidama01-21)ROGER WATERS US + THEM 2CD: ( UK ( camp=1634 creative=19450 creativeASIN=%20%20B089764DDJ linkCode=as2 tag=braindamage-21)Canada ( ( ( ( camp=3370 creative=23322 creativeASIN=%20%20B089764DDJ linkCode=as2 tag=bradamonl-21)Spain ( camp=3626 creative=24822 creativeASIN=%20%20B089764DDJ linkCode=as2 tag=braidama01-21)If your chosen retailer is yet to have the order ready to place, please try again later as they make the page live with all the details. Ordering now will also mean you will benefit from Amazon's Pre-order Price Guarantee, meaning you will automatically pay the lowest price they have charged between the time of your order, and the release date.

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