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Live Stream Review: Dance Gavin Dance Tree City Sessions 2

Opening their show with the band on a plane, they showed cameos of themselves from past albums. As the show begins to pan in, they open their set with a classic throwback “Backwards Pumpkin Song”. As drone footage shows Tower Bridge and Old Sacramento, the band is as characteristic as ever.

Audio quality and imagery are absolutely incredible and definitely makes you feel like you’re at a Dance Gavin Dance show.

Playing older hits: “Awkward”, “Summertime Gladness”, “Strawberry Swisher, Pt. I”, “Blue Dream”, and so forth, fans really came together and brought back older hits for this virtual concert. Lights, energy, instrumentals- every little touch that brings a show together, Dance Gavin Dance really made sure that this show was a special one for their hometown show.

Sacramento, California band Dance Gavin Dance brought their live stream Tree City Sessions Volume 2 to you at home. Since COVID-19 has had a major impact on the music scene, various artists have been creative of bringing their live shows home to you. Luckily, Dance Gavin Dance got creative & hopped onto the virtual concert train while also providing various bundles and ticket options for their fans.

This session was be merely a fan-base concert list. The performance was held on none other than the Tower Bridge here in my hometown- Sacramento. Knowing how busy the Tower Bridge can be, I know Dance Gavin Dance pulled a lot of strings to make this virtual concert a reality.

I know a lot of people have been asking “how did I not know about this? I live down the street from Tower Bridge” or “how did I not hear about this session at all?” Well, I asked myself the same thing. Living about 10 minutes away from Tower Bridge and religiously walking around the same area as Tower Bridge, I have no idea how I didn’t know about the session either.

I and millions of fans around the world have had a hard time coping without concerts, covering concerts, photographing concerts, and just dancing with fellow fans. It’s a breath of air knowing our favorite artists have come together bringing us virtual concerts. I know it’s not the same as physically holding a ticket, driving to the venue, circle for parking & screaming at the top of your lungs to your favorite song- but hey, at least artists care and have found ways to make us feel sane and look forward to live shows again.

You can still view bundles and items from the live stream HERE. 

Post by Marisela Delgado




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