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Floydian Slip Turns 30: An Interview with Host Craig Bailey

Floydian Slip reached its 30th year on the air this past January. Host Craig Bailey sat down for a celebration, a toast, and a few questions… Brain Damage: Craig: 30 years… what keeps you going? Craig Bailey: At this point, working on the show is such a routine part of my daily life I couldn’t imagine not doing it. While producing each week’s show only takes a couple hours, I spend time every day marketing the show — trying to grow the network, renewing affiliate contracts, helping stations with technical stuff. And, believe it or not, I still really enjoy doing it. BD: How many stations are you on now? CB: Today it’s 103. That gets a little squirrelly when you try to suss out exactly what constitutes a station. Many stations broadcast on multiple frequencies in multiple locations. Do you call those one station? Or more than one station? For the most part, 103 is a conservative number. BD: Which came first for you: acting or radio and are you still doing any acting? CB: I started acting in a 5th grade school play, so acting beat radio by about eight years. A lot of the quality time I spent in high school involved drama, and I did a good amount of community theatre after college. Over the last several years most of my acting’s been in local TV commercials and only rarely. I played a bit part in a feature film shot in Los Angeles a few years ago. Nice bucket-list item there. But I’ve just recently started to think about getting more involved. I played a part in a community theatre production in March and think I might like to do more. BD: You’re originally from Vermont and returned to live in Vermont after college in New York, where you had started hosting Floydian Slip: did the acting bug or your enthusiasm for music ever make you curious about living in LA or NYC or did you always know you’d want to return to Vermont?

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