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New interview with Nick Mason for the New York Post

In the run-up to Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets hitting the stage of the Beacon Theatre in New York City on Thursday/Friday, Nick spoke to the New York Post ( about the project, in an interesting and wide-ranging discussion. Nick explained the philosophy behind the project: You only have to wait for 15 minutes before another version of the greatest hits come ’round, whether it’s Brit Floyd or the Australian Floyd or Roger [Waters] or David [Gilmour], and what I didn’t want to do is get into a competition of who can do the closest to the original Comfortably Numb. What I wanted to do was something a lot freer than that that was sort of based in how we did do things 50 odd years ago, and that was sort of important that there’d be some freedom in the music rather than slavishly copying every single note that David did.. What’s really nice about this is from the moment we started last year it was almost sort of going back in time,. It reminded me of all the really good times playing with Pink Floyd, in fact. It wasn’t that I ended up playing it in a despondent way. I enjoyed it all the way through. It’s sort of turning back the hands of time, really. In the article, Mason says fans can expect a live Saucerful album, and while he has given up on a full-blown Floyd reunion, the band still remains a working entity in some ways, referring to the Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains which Nick hints at a European city as its next stop, with a longer term view of taking it to America. He also talks about plans for remasters and mentions Animals as ripe for this process as technically we sort of did it in our own studio and it’s not quite up to the standard of an Abbey Road production. He also muses on the likelihood – or not – of a Floyd biopic, and suggests potential actors for key roles. You can read the entire interview over at the New York Post ( website.

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