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[UPDATED] David Gilmour Guitar Auction – today’s the day!

Good morning! It’s the day that many Pink Floyd fans have been waiting for – today, at 10am EST (3pm UK/BST) at Christie’s in New York City, over 120 of David Gilmour’s guitars are up for auction, raising money for charity (more about that shortly). These range from his most iconic and best known instruments, through to ones that he has accumulated over the years and have less sparkling CVs. The day, the event, seems to have polarised a significant amount of the Pink Floyd community. There’s those who are excited, and have mentally committed a certain amount of money so they can place a few bids, with the hopes of getting their hands on one of David’s instruments, whatever it might be. There are also those who are sad (some, desperately) about his selling of the bulk of his collection. Those people should rest assured – he stated recently that he was keeping at least 20 guitars, including a replica Black Strat that is seemingly incredibly close in sound and feel to the original. In a recent fan Q A, he said: Don’t fret too much. I still have a few lovely guitars that I couldn’t let go. A 1945 Martin D18, my Fender Esquire nicknamed The Workmate and a Black Gretsch Duo-Jet to name but three. On being asked what it is about the Workmate that led to him keeping it over 0001 and the Black Strat, he responded: I’m just too fond of the Workmate. He has also made it clear that he isn’t finishing with the creation and performance of music ( No, no. It does not mean retirement ), and on being asked Have you retained sufficient guitars to make another album, and play more live shows? Do you have any such plans? he gave a simple Yes and yes . Great news for all those concerned that this auction was seeing David conclude this element of his life. Last night, David revealed where the money raised today would be going: As things happen today, we will endeavour to keep this page up to date with all the latest occurrences, sale prices of items, and such like, shown below. Stay on this page and refresh it for all the latest information on what’s taking place! The latest items will be at the top, so scroll down to see older updates. By the way, please let us know if any of you are lucky winners of any of the guitars/cases on offer today…

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