Photos | Review: Aly & AJ in Portland

Who: Aly & AJ

Where: Wonder Ballroom Portland, Oregon

When: June 20, 2019

Aly & AJ bring the Sanctuary tour to Portland, and in turn, the city brought with them excitement and a packed venue. It was the first show in Portland the sisters had played in a long time, and the crowd throughout the night made sure to remind Aly and AJ Michalka exactly what they had been missing on tour.

It’s no doubt that the loudest cheers and crowd singing came from Aly & AJ’s oldest songs, such as “Like Woah” and “Potential Breakup Song,” but that shouldn’t take away from the rest of the set and crowd reaction. Much of the crowd was just as familiar with Aly & AJ’s latest music, singing and cheering loudly when the duo played singles off their latest EP’s. Midway through the show, Aly commented, saying “we just want to make music we are proud of and it makes us so happy to see people knowing and singing along to the new songs. Being on this tour and seeing this every night gives us so much inspiration, we’ll be heading back into the studio once we’re done with this run.”

Luckily and unluckily for Aly & AJ fans, the Sanctuary tour is nearly over with Portland being one of the last few stops. It’s lucky in that fans will get to hear new music sooner, but anyone who didn’t see Aly & AJ on tour missed out on a special performance and run. Aly & AJ give an emotional and impressive performance on stage and put everything they have in their shows. The music speaks for itself, but seeing the sisters interact with each other and their audience shows just how special their bond is. It’s safe to say we’re all thankful Aly & AJ decided to end their musical hiatus, and can’t wait for even more music following the release of Sanctuary and Ten Years.

For more information and tour dates, on Aly & AJ visit their website.


Post by Joe Hernandez (Instagram l Website)

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