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‘Let Me Be’ is the gorgeous new single from Matilda Eyre

‘Let Me Be’ is the gorgeous new single from Matilda Eyre, the German-born singer-songwriter and producer now based in London.  Her latest single is a sweet slice of introspective electro-pop accented by melodic synth lines, gentle, distant drums and of course, Eyre’s heartfelt storytelling and angelic vocals.


“‘Let Me Be’ is a song about the excruciating wish to be your authentic self, to be loved the way you are, to be seen for your true self. ‘Let me be all the things washed away.’ The song is reflecting on all the ways we change ourselves to fit in and to be accepted. Remembering your strength, your essence and returning home to that. It is a call to step into your truth and authenticity when people or situations ask you to abandon yourself.”


Written during a time of self-isolation in Germany due to COVID-19, ‘Let Me Be’ was Eyre’s way of baring her soul through song and exposing her vulnerabilities in order to discover her most authentic self. The songwriting is sincere and relatable but also wonderfully poetic, as is customary of Eyre’s work; she has a clever way with words, writing lyrics that are profoundly personal yet widely engaging.  ‘Let Me Be’ has a complex and beautifully haunting soundscape that’s evocative of Matilda Eyre’s softly sinister sound, a signature feature that’s sure to carry on into her upcoming debut EP, Suleika.




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