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Francis drops his debut alt-folk single featuring Jolé.

Introducing himself to the world, London’s very own Francis drops his debut alt-folk single; featuring vocals from fellow singer-songwriter, Jolé.

Aptly named ‘Postcards’, the track was written by Francis whilst on vacation in the Scottish Highlands reminiscing about pre-COVID freedoms, unlimited travel and sandy beaches. Offering a slither of sunshine in the form of a song, ‘Postcards’ melts all your icy blues away with its easy-going instrumental composed of simple drum patterns, chirpy acoustic guitar chords and shimmering chimes.

Timely yet nostalgic, ‘Postcards’, is a delicate, multi-layered track that evokes the nostalgic wish to stay connected with the ones you love. Relatable, honest and heartfelt, Francis and Jolé’s collaboration tugs on the heartstrings by playing on our collective wanderlust and need for connection that’s further amplified by national lockdowns and restrictive tier systems.  ‘Postcards’ therefore functions as music for soothing the soul; for finding peace in a world with seldom left.

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