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At Christie’s: Something Bittersweet

The Christie’s David Gilmour Guitar Collection exhibit has made its way through London and Los Angeles and has now landed in New York City… where all the David Gilmour guitars you have seen played live over the years or that you have listened to an endless amount of times on albums are about to sojourn into an entirely new existence. Yesterday, at 11:00am Eastern Standard Time, a small group of guitar and Pink Floyd enthusiasts waited patiently in the lobby at Christie’s Rockefeller Plaza exhibition space to enter what may be the last glimpse anyone will get of some of David Gilmour’s most famous guitars. And just like that, as Christie’s musical instrument specialists and hosts invited everyone in, the small crowd trickled into different parts of the exhibit: some looking to take each guitar in throughout the exhibit’s layout, others going straight for “The Black Strat,” “The Red Stratocaster,” or #0001. These guitars were all on display in separate rooms, songs that were performed on these over the years piping through speakers directly underneath and around them.

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