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Album Review: Capture – ‘Lost Control’

On August 16, Capture dropped their debut album, Lost Control. This three-piece band formed from the ashes of Capture The Crown. Capture just started a tour with Alesana, and all of their upcoming dates can be found here.

Lost Control opens with “Alive,” a catchy song with relatable lyrics, such as “where were you when my world came crashing down, you were nowhere to be found.” “Lost Control” has a fast beat that is perfect to mosh or jump around to. The first single off of the album is “No Cure,” and you check out the music video for it here. “Dead Hollywood” is one of the heaviest songs on the album. “Social Suicide” really highlights how Capture was able to perfectly infuse electronics with their heavier sound. The gang vocals in “Our Great Escape” add an extra element to the song. Lost Control closes with “This Ones For You,” a track that instantly brings you back to spending all day in the heat at Warped Tour.

Lost Control is an album that blends genres together and leaves fans with catchy songs. “Dead Hollywood” and “Social Suicide” are my favorites, and it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll get stuck in your head. You can check out their new album here.

  1. Alive (feat. Thomas Erak)
  2. Lost Control
  3. Dingbats
  4. No Cute
  5. Dead Hollywood (feat. Josh Collard)
  6. Is This (Love)
  7. High (feat. Sonny Sandoval)
  8. Social Suicide
  9. The Lake
  10. Cruise
  11. Our Great Escape
  12. This Ones For You

Post by Anna Rhodes

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