20 Years of Deftones ‘White Pony’: Artists Favorite Moments w/the Album

Check out what some of your favorite artists had to say about Deftones‘ influential album, White Pony, on its 20th anniversary in June!


Nick Bedrosian: “I’m definitely a Deftones fan! I think I first discovered them in high school, after “White Pony” had already been out for a few years, and “Change” was the first song I heard by them. I think that’s the case for most people. My favorite song on the album is actually “Knife Party.”

-Nick Bedrosian (guitarist of Otherwise/ex- Stitched Up Heart)


“* two fire emojis*” – (Jonathan Montenegro of Menudo)


Michael Montoya: “Yes because it was the band’s first time showing off a more mature moody sound from their last releases. After this album came out, tons of bands wanted to try and sound like them. My favorite song is “Digital Bath.”

Michael Montoya (guitarist of Winds of Plague / Lil Xan)


“My favorite album of theirs. I heard they are remaking it. I think its called Black Pony?”

(a reference to ‘Black Stallion’)

DJ Markor (American Hardcore DJ/ Uptempo)


Nic Brooks: “ I could talk about it all day.”

NB: “I remember watching the video for “Change when it came out. I was anticipating it highly because I was already a huge fan of their first two full-lengths. I remember the day it came out being on a long drive with friends, stoned, 17 years old and feeling like life couldn’t feel much better.

“Pink Maggit” is def the most underrated…or “RX Queen”… that drumbeat is so good and catchy and all the feels in Pink just hit hard

It was definitely the Deftones album that set them aside from all the other heavy or Nu-metal bands.

Really the only one of that crowd of bands that held artistic integrity without doubt.

I was a little confused when they re-released the record with ‘Back to School‘ on it.

It still had ‘Pink Maggit‘ on it and the commercial rap/rock version of ‘Back to School‘, which was still good but sounded forced”

Christine Rios: You were quite young when the album came out. Does this album hold a significance for you? You talk about drums and beats on “Pink Maggit.” Do you have a favorite set of lyrics from that album?

NB: “Heck yes it does. It was one of those albums that every song made life feel more important. The drums and beats were from ‘Rx Queen‘, my bad! ‘Pink Maggit‘ is the perfect example of keeping something simple and how perfect their chord progressions can vibe can be. The dude just has it”

CR: He really does. Is this your favorite all-time album by Deftones?

NB: “In terms of every song being an absolute solid work, yea… Saturday Night Wrist might tie it… they’re all so damn good though.”

-Nic Brooks (Guitarist of Framing Hanley)


Krystie Lee: “Yes!!! I do remember the first time, the first song I heard from it was ‘Passenger.’ I was driving around when I heard it the first time and I just know instantly I was obsessed. I can honestly probably say that’s what started my obsession with Deftones. Before that, I knew of them, and heard a lot from Adrenaline and Around the Fur, but never fully became a full-on fanatic until ‘White Pony‘ came around. I was hooked after that!

So I guess you could say, the album, ‘White Pony‘ was what brought me to the Deftones cult. LOL.

Now many many years later, I consider them my all-time favorite band.

It’s so hard for me to choose my favorite album. They are all so fucking good in their own way, I literally can’t say anything wrong about any of them. But if there was a gun to my head and I had to choose my favorite I would probably have to go with Diamond Eyes. Wow, I feel so guilty for saying that.”

Krystie Lee (Concert Crap Photographer/Writer)

Interviews by:

Nick Bedrosian (Otherwise, Ex-Stitched Up Heart)

Jonathan Montenegro (Menudo)

Nic Brooks (Framing Hanley)

DJ Markor (Hardcore/Uptemo DJ)

Krystie Lee (Concert Crap Photographer/Writer)

Michael Montoya (Winds of Plague/Lil Xan)

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