Interview: Austin Ingerman of New Year’s Day Talks Solo Material, Dealing with Quarantine, and More

Concert Crap: How are you dealing with this whole pandemic situation?

Austin Ingerman: It’s definitely strange times for sure.  I’ve been staying busy, and productive.  There are many things that I normally don’t have the time or opportunity to do while on the road, so I’ve tried to look at the positives of the situation and make the most of it.

CC: What have you been doing to kill time and what productive things inside and outside of music have you been working on?

AI: I’ve been writing a lot of music, playing guitar, learning new things about social media/marketing, working out every day, spending time with my family and girlfriend, and just taking time for myself.  I think staying productive during these times is healthy for the mental side of things as well.

CC: June 5th you have a new single “Everything Is Okay” coming out. What can you tell people about this song?

AI: “Everything Is Okay” is a feel-good track that I think we can all relate to, especially in these times.  It’s about looking at the big picture.  Things may not always go your way, but at the end of the day everything is okay, and we will get through it.

Austin Ingerman - "Everything Is Okay"

CC: Do you have an album coming out anytime soon or are you going to keep releasing singles for the time being?

AI: Yes! I am currently finishing my instrumental record, and that will come out sometime in the fall.

CC: How do you approach something you work on as a solo artist, compared to something you approach working with New Year’s Day?

AI: For my solo stuff, I just let whatever I’m feeling come out.  I listen to all kinds of music.  Everything from hard rock/metal to The Beach Boys, Boston, 80s new wave, world music, and beyond.  All of those influences contribute to my sound in some way.  For New Year’s Day, I think there’s a specific sound/feel that is already established, and we just try to add our own flavor on top of that.  This upcoming record will be my first with them, so I’m excited to see where we go with it.

CC: How is your solo work similar and how is it different compared to New Year’s Day?

AI: Even my solo work can differ quite a bit from one song to the next, but I think you can hear things here and there in my instrumentals that get into the NYD territory.  I’m inspired by a lot of classic rock, and I think my solo stuff will always slightly lean more to that side of things.

CC: Who are some people you are collaborating with to create your solo work

AI: The song “Everything Is Okay” was written a couple of years ago with some friends I grew up with.  That song features myself on guitar, Austin Tucker on vocals, Cody Fortag on drums, and his brother Evan Fortag playing bass.  For my instrumentals and other things I’m working on,  I have a really good drummer James Renshaw who plays on a lot of my material.

CC: Who are some of your inspirations new and old playing the guitar?

AI: I love Slash, Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Paul Gilbert, and Randy Rhoads just to name a few.

CC: Why should people care about Austin Ingerman?

AI: I always, and always will put 100% of my passion and feeling into my music.  It may not be for everyone, but it will always come from the soul.

CC: What are you working on currently and or what should people keep an eye out for from you?

AI: My new single “Everything Is Okay” comes out on June 5 and will be available everywhere for streaming.  My debut instrumental record comes out later this year, followed by another record with vocals after that.  I hope to always keep people on their toes! haha

CC: Anything else you would like to tell your fans?

AI: I hope everyone out there stays safe. I know I can’t wait to get back out there and see everyone out on the road.  In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @austiningerman or visit my website to stay up to date.

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