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The 2021 Six Nations fastest players – and top is a surprise

In this list, ranks the Six Nations fastest players based on their top speed during last year’s tournament.

Defenders like nothing less than trying to stop the speed kings running at them at full pace, and the Six Nations always has some of the fastest players in the game.

But who is the Six Nations fastest player? The answer might surprise you. Interestingly, no place for England’s Ollie Thorley or Scotland’s Duhan van der Merwe.

Here are the Six Nations 5 fastest players, in reverse order.

Six Nations fastest players


The Scotland captain broke his countries record by hitting a top speed of 36.8kmh (just under 23mph) in a match during the 2020 Six Nations. His blend of speed and evasive running will be key for Gregor Townsend’s side once again heading into the 2021 tournament.


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