Rugby Union’s best 10 pundits have been ranked

Fans have voted for the Six Nations pundits they admire most on British TV.

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In a whirlwind of rugby punditry during the 2024 Six Nations, RUCK followers turned their discerning eyes to the voices analysing the game, eager to dissect and rank their offerings. Here’s how the bios and rankings unfolded over 80 minutes:

Everyone has different taste and the top two are popular names, but there was little to choose between the pair. So

 So, without further ado, view the results below.

10. Lawrence Dallaglio (ITV): Once a towering figure on the pitch, Dallaglio’s transition to punditry hasn’t quite matched his on-field prowess.

9. Jonny Wilkinson (ITV): An icon in the world of rugby, Wilkinson’s expertise is unquestionable. However, his reserved nature sometimes translates to a lack of engagement with viewers.

8. Martin Johnson (BBC): A formidable figure in rugby history, Johnson’s punditry tends to lean heavily on traditional approaches.


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