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Rare Pink Floyd items on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow

Last weekend, the BBC’s long running and much loved Antiques Roadshow had a segment of interest. The show features normal members of the public going along to a “roadshow” that the BBC puts on in various places (stately homes, for example) with family heirlooms, items they’ve collected, and such like. The resident experts then talk about the items (often explaining detail about objects that the owner previously was unaware of) and give a valuation. Occasionally, there are music-related items and as you’ll see from the clip here, a March 1967 Pink Floyd poster, for their appearance at Enfield College of Technology, was included, alongside a promotional brochure about the band, and an early single. The clip is hosted by the BBC and hopefully you’ll all be able to view it – apologies if they aren’t allowing it to be seen in your region.

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