Photos | An Evening with Shinedown in Madison, Wisconsin

Who: Shinedown

Where: The Sylvee, Madison Wisconsin

When: May 21, 2019

Fans had been eagerly awaiting one of the few “Evening with Shinedown” shows on this tour. Tickets for this Tuesday night show had been quick to sell out when tickets went on sale. Lines wrapped around the block waiting for doors to open. The show did not turn out exactly as most had anticipated. Due to pain from several herniated disks, bass player Eric Bass was forced to miss the show. Rather than cancel, Shinedown chose to perform in a bit different version from their normal shows. This became an acoustic show to remember with Brett Smith and Zach Myers, and an occasional contribution from Barry Kerch on percussion. (Kerch also took the time to enjoy some of Wisconsin’s finest beer while sporting a red sparkly jacket and pants.) The guys gave the crowd a 2.5-hour show filled with old favorites as well as a few covers. Smith was on point when he said that Madison was getting a show like nobody else had received.


  • Sittin on the Dock of The Bay
  • If You Only Knew
  • Bully
  • Save Me
  • I’ll Follow You
  • Nothing Else Matters (Metallica cover)
  • I Dare You
  • State of My Head
  • Dracula’s Lament
  • Misfits
  • Call Me
  • Get Up
  • She Talks to Angels
  • Shed Some Light
  • Cut The Cord
  • How Did You Love
  • Someone Like You
  • What a Shame
  • Devil
  • Breakdown/Little Red Corvette/Learning to Fly/Mary Janes Last Dance/Take It Easy
  • Simple Man
  • Second Chance
  • Sound of Madness

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Post and photos by Brenda Daniels Instagram l Facebook


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