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NEW MUSIC: ‘Crystal Ball’ by BLVFF

Indie Rockers BLVFF from Coventry have returned with an old-school and raw track in the form of Crystal Ball.  Following Shame and Where Did We Go Wrong, the single is yet another addition to a critically acclaimed artist with support from the likes of Amazing Radio, Fred Perry, Born Music Online and more.

The track is infectious and building, it mixes together dark indie and pop to produce a unique sounding track. The driving riffs and confident vocals do well to create an energy that will be stuck in your head for days.

Speaking of the track, frontman Michael McCann explains that ‘the song looks at the recurring theme of people on the cusp of love who, for one reason or another, didn’t take that leap of faith. It also analyses the idea of hindsight and how due to our species not being able to see for sure what the future holds and thus self-sabotaging” 

The release of the track on 2nd August 2019 preceded a festival performance at The Coombe Weekender where the band represented Coventry amongst the likes of The Libertines, Tom Grennan and others who also performed.

The track was released via These Bloody Thieves Records, known for their success with the likes of The Howlers, False Heads and Feral Family. The release of Crystal Ball suggests that BLVFF will soon be the shiny trophy on These Bloody Thieves Records’ shelves. 

You can listen to the track down below and follow the band on their socials: Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.


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