“New celebration” – Ross Barkley teases Tammy Abraham on his Instagram story

Gone are the days when footballers simply jumped up and down to celebrate their goals, when Alan Shearer’s iconic finger point was about as exotic as things came, and there was none of this synchronised dancing malarkey that looks like it’s sapped hours of precious training time.

And while we don’t want to sound like a bunch of complete and utter oldies, who remain entrenched in the ‘good old days’, we can’t help but feel that our beautiful game is on a collision course to becoming a choreographed music video.

As per Ross Barkley’s Instagram story, Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham is the latest player to receive the modern work-over, much to Ross Barkley’s amusement – as signalled by an obligatory laughing emoji.

As it stands, Abraham will be one of three forwards gunning for a starting spot in Frank Lampard squad, alongside Olivier Giroud and Michy Batshuayi.

However, given the Chelsea legend’s propensity to promote youth, having given more minutes to players under the age of 21 than any other manager in England’s top two divisions last season, there’s every chance that we could be seeing 21-year-old Abraham more frequently than his counterparts.

And that means plenty of opportunities to see his beaming face plastered over big screens across the country.

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