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Indie Darling, Maria Lane, Releases Sublime Single ‘til april’

Springtime is a special time in the year; it’s a time to celebrate all things new and pure. For me, there’s nothing better than a rill of dulcet vocals and gentle guitar playing to get you in the mood for such a refreshing time of year. Luckily for me and those who share my mindset, Maria Lane has just released the perfect single for this year’s springtime. Of course, I’m talking about ‘til april’. 

As Maria Lane’s first single of 2024, I’m already incredibly excited to see how she’s continued to refine her signature, incredibly addictive melodies; especially after the gorgeous release that was her 2023 EP ‘35 days’. 

Anyway, enough chit-chat. Let’s dive into Maria Lane’s latest single ‘til april’!

‘til april’

Immediately, you can’t help but smile as you hear the twee chirping of birds against the introductory, pillow-soft guitar riff. The initial instrumentation transported me to a tranquil forest that had just witnessed the year’s first spring morn. Simply breath-taking. 

The perfect embellishment to an already mesmeric melody, it’s not long before Maria’s vocals balletically glaze over the track. For me, Maria Lane’s vocals imbue the track with a perfect balance of delicate purity and rich poignancy. A romantic ghost, her voice haunts the slow-burning andante tempo in such a way that is sure to make you tear up. 

With lyrics like ‘I’ve been wearing your coat while you’ve been gone’ and ‘I think the cats are missing you a lot’, you can’t help but feel like you are reading Maria’s journal. There is such a gorgeous vulnerability and relatability that permeates throughout her lyrics. The only thing within this single that is sweeter than Maria’s lyrics is how said lyrics mellifluously meander around the honeyed string elements. 

As the track progresses, you are drip-fed new harmonies in the form of heartbeat-esque drums that encapsulate the longing you feel when you terribly miss someone.

What’s more, Maria Lane knows the exact right moment to gently draw back certain instrumental elements to allow the gorgeous message of her lyrics to shine forth. Overall, this track felt like a masterclass in virtuosic control and beauty. 

Hypnotic, the track reaches its diminuendo with nothing but the dulcet chirping it started with, sparse and sweet guitar strums, and one last heartstring-pulling lyric: 

‘And I’ll be / I’ll be another year older / So I’ll keep holding on til April’. Then, silence. Astounding, sorrowful silence. 

For me, this track combines the pain of missing a loved one with the comforting knowledge that, one day, you’ll see them again. In other words, I haven’t heard a song that moved me like ‘til april’ moved me in a very long time. For this reason, I can’t recommend Maria Lane enough!

Maria Lane

Flaunting a natural talent for storytelling, Maria Lane can transform the most poignant of heartbreaks into beautiful melodic masterpieces. 

The Brooklyn-based indie darling discovered her passion for all things musical at a young age in Florida, where she grew up listening to pop and folk music. It wasn’t long after she started to learn to play the piano and compose her own music that she released her debut single, ‘strangers again’ in 2021. One album, one EP, and a smattering of stunning singles later, Maria Lane has become the face of comforting, introspective indie gems. 

Sporting a unique style that blends the best of Avril Lavigne, Phoebe Bridgers, Joni Mitchell, and, of course, herself, Maria Lane has become the latest member of my personal playlist. And trust me, only the greatest bops go in there.  

Speaking of the greatest bops, as I eagerly await Marie’s upcoming album, I think I’ll spend some ‘quality time’ in ‘hawaii’. Yes, I was proud of that one. 

Till next time!

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