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Five For Friday – 31st May 2024

Jay Hofman – ‘Good Kind (To Me)’ ft. Voilàh

Manchester-based electro-pop artist Jay Hofman returns once again with his latest single ‘Good Kind (To Me)’ featuring vocals from Voilàh. Taken from his upcoming album ‘Commentarium de Paradiso’, his latest offering is inspired by moments of joy, and captures the essence of pure happiness as well as the desire to share that joy with the world.

Justus and The Limits – ‘Hard In The City’

Denver’s own Justus and The Limits, return with their latest single ‘Hard In The City’, a song described as “about working hard to achieve and keep your dreams against all odds,. Inspired by his personal experience of starting a new business and the ensuing legal battles, Lacewell’s lyrics reflect the grit and perseverance required to overcome obstacles.

Ross Learmouth – ‘Because Of You’

Singer-songwriter Ross Learmonth is back with his latest single ‘Because of You’, an acoustic-led track featuring his own powerful vocals and lyrical poignancy. Conjuring a heady dose of riveting and emotive textures, he shines with vigour and aplomb across this dynamic new offering.

InBetween Honey – ‘Your Eyes’

Emerging outfit InBetween Honey follow up their debut four-track EP ‘Ludlow Street’, which earned them Cobra Promotions’ Best Debut EP for 2023, with their euphoric new single, “Your Eyes.” A high-energy track filled with melodic guitars and thumping drums, “Your Eyes” pays homage to the Brit Pop genre while delivering a powerful social commentary on the superficiality of modern society.

Barrett – ‘Don’t Tell’

Nashville’s Barrett recently returned with their stunning debut EP ‘Quit Dreaming’, featuring the stunning opening track ‘Don’t Tell’. Their latest outing features clear-cut pop-punk elements with fun tempo shifts from start to finish, cementing them as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now.

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