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Acoustic Singer and Songwriter Elijah Miller from Bedfordshire, now residing in London, has made waves with his previous releases and his latest EP IDONTLIKETHECOLD is no different. Having posted teases of his song Cowardly before having it played on local BBC Music Introducing, Elijah built anticipation for an EP which undoubtedly delivered. 

In late 2018, Elijah released Alfred Benson, an energetic infectious single which to date has had over 80,000 streams on Spotify. The single followed Elijah’s album The Garden which was released in 2017 and expertly curated twelve beautiful and raw tracks confirming Elijah’s position as a promising artist. 

IDONTLIKETHECOLD has certainly established this position once again. The EP features three tracks: Morning Sun, Honey (I’m Over it) and the aforementioned Cowardly. Each track is different, they all sound as if they could belong on different records and as if they were written in different circumstances but somehow IDONTLIKETHECOLD blends the songs together seamlessly and as one ends, we expect the next to follow. It feels like they are in place, each song has to be met by the other. 

Elijah Miller – Photograph by James Sofokleous


Ever since the chorus of Cowardly was released as a teaser for the EP, those enigmatic, infectious few lines have been stuck in my head. They sound like the building choruses we remember from Alfred Benson and Paris (released as a single in 2018) and yet lace this with the melancholic lyrics familiar across a lot of Elijah’s music. The track confidently builds as it mentions the names of girls the speaker has had experience with previously. The track recites the nerves and anxieties of approaching a potential lover through catchy, infectious lyrics that illustrate the bittersweet realities of a modern-day romance: ‘I don’t think I’m the one but I’ll be here till you find him’.As the track continues it proves itself as an anthem of modern indie-pop. It can certainly hit you hard whilst still giving you a soaring soundscape to dance to and emotionally rich lyrics to sing your heart out to. 


The EP continues with a feel-good, energetic track entitled Morning Sun, it has a constantly building soundscape of driving drums layered underneath unusual yet intoxicating rap-like vocals from Elijah. They’re masterful and unexpected with their references to alcohol, celibacy and a well-built ‘unit’ of a man. With a nod to the EP title, IDONTLIKETHECOLD, Elijah sings: ‘I know that it’s cold, but you can wear my coat and we can fall asleep in the morning sun’, a romantic offering that’s familiar within Elijah’s music.  


This particular track opens with soothing sound that transports you to an orange-beached sky painted behind a cityscape. It sounds nostalgic and would accompany a 90’s coming-of-age film perfectly. It speaks of a man being ‘not broken, just sad to the bone’ and with that, becomes relatable to almost everybody at some point or another. Honey (I’m Over It) pulls at heart strings as Elijah’s delicate vocals build throughout the track. As the first verse recalls a struggling man, we find hope in the electro-pop-laced beat of the chorus. It’s hard to find any fault in this particular track, it makes our heart ache whilst simultaneously stitching it back together again by the chorus. It’s an incredibly beautiful ode to the heartfelt yet complex song writing of Elijah Miller. 

IDONTLIKETHECOLD Album Artwork – Photograph by James Sofokleous

Elijah has yet again delivered with an incredibly rich release, full of three intoxicating tracks that blend together to form an endlessly playable addition to Elijah’s striking body of music. The EP release is being accompanied by an EP Launch show at Thousand Island in London on 7thJune, where Elijah is being supported by Banton and other unannounced special guests. You can find tickets to the show here but be quick as with the release of IDONTLIKETHECOLD, we expect the tickets to all be snapped up before long. 

Everyone at Turtle Tempo is rooting for Elijah’s success and this EP certainly foreshadows a promising career for the Bedfordshire singer. Make sure you follow Elijah’s journey by following his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify and you can listen to IDONTLIKETHECOLD down below.

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