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England youngster dubbed ‘special talent’ by Sir Ian McGeechan is now exiled and capless

Former Exeter Chiefs captain and one-time prodigy Joe Simmonds has transitioned to the French scene, making waves with Pau.

Scoring over 200 points for his new club this season, Simmonds, brother to the esteemed number 8 Sam, has kicked his team to seventh in the table in the incedible competitive Top 14.

In his Exeter days, Simmonds steered the team to triumphs in both the 2020 European Champions Cup and Premiership, earning himself an MBE for his contributions.

Sir Ian McGeechan, assessing the cream of the crop among young players worldwide in 2020, shared his thoughts on Simmonds, stating, “Probably the closest of the English players on this list to an international call-up.”

“Simmonds has quietly become an excellent fly-half with consistently good decision-making,” McGeechan observed, emphasizing Simmonds’ ability to excel under pressure. He added, “His kicking is incredibly accurate – there was a stage before Christmas when he was 26/26 in all competitions.”

McGeechan also commended the coaching setup around Simmonds, noting the influence of figures like Rob Baxter and Ali Hepher. Reflecting on his Northampton days, McGeechan remarked, “I know well and really rate [them].”

Sir Ian McGeechan ranks his 5 best young players in the world, 2020

Lions Legend Sir Ian McGeechan has picked his five best young rugby players in world for his column for the Telegraph.

5#. Cameron Redpath, 21, Scotland

McGeechan said: “I know his father well, so I have followed Cameron’s career fairly closely. I like what I see. Tall, rangy, more of a centre than a 10.”


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