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Trailer for new Dune movie includes version of Floyd’s Eclipse

At the time of writing this, more than 23 million people have already viewed the trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Dune, Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic, and interest in the music included in the trailer has skyrocketed. In the 1970s, director Alejandro Jodorowsky never got past plans for a Dune film, and famously approached Pink Floyd about writing the score. With this new version, director Denis Villeneuve decided to give a serious nod to that, and includes Eclipse (from The Dark Side Of The Moon) as the key underscore of the trailer. The legendary Hans Zimmer came up with the new version for the trailer, which involved a hefty cast of musicians and singers. He and his choral contractor Edie Lehmann Boddicker put together a 32-voice Los Angeles ensemble, with 12 performed the lyrics with choral parts by the remaining 20. Lehmann Boddicker said: “He wanted to pay homage to the original, very back-phrased sound, a little spaced-out, so the vocals would not sound urgent. There’s a kind of joy happening in the track, a lot of hopefulness. It’s not despondent, just very peaceful and sounding not of this planet.” Musicians included in the trailer were programmer Steven Doar, Chinese-American cellist Tina Guo, Colombian bassist Juan Garcia-Herreros and English guitarist Guthrie Govan (well known for his work with Steven Wilson). Zimmer told Variety in June: “I can keep a lot of musicians busy – in Australia, in Europe, in England, in America. I’m sort of working on four continents. Time zones are not my friend right now.” Our thanks to those who have got in touch regarding this, including Vaughan Burton. Here’s the trailer for the film, including THAT music:

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New book: The Lyrics Of Syd Barrett

As the publisher’s rightly note, “legendary Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett’s songwriting was unique, memorable and utterly brilliant.” Viewers of the recent Von Trapped events, put on by Polly Samson, David Gilmour and family, will be aware, David has recently been working away on checking Syd’s lyrics for publication in an upcoming book. That book has now been announced: The Lyrics of Syd Barrett. It is published by Omnibus on February 18th, 2021 in Europe, and May 6th, 2021, in North America. Featuring 56 songs and a foreword by Pink Floyd’s first manager, Peter Jenner, and an introduction by Rob Chapman (author of Syd Barrett: A Very Irregular Head), this beautifully illustrated and official book compiles Syd’s extraordinary lyrics together for the very first time. It is bound to be a popular choice for many, and pre-orders are now open for this book. You can order it through the following links, taking advantage of Amazon’s free pre-order price guarantee – should their asking price drop at any point between you ordering it, and publication, they will automatically charge you the lowest price during that period! Ordering through our links also helps with BD’s ongoing running costs, and we really appreciate it: Amazon UK (, (, Amazon Canada (,
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Reports that Georgia WILL NOT replace Japan for Autumn tournament

Bernard Laporte, vice chairman of World Rugby, has revealed that South Africa could possibly replace Japan instead of Georgia. The European side had been tipped to replace Japan, who have now officially withdrawn from the proposed end of year Eight Nations Tournament. However, World Rugby are keen to get a ‘bigger name’ into the tournament….

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The new season’s schedule – an unnecessary evil?

We all knew that this season was going to be, to put it lightly, condensed. The nature of the beast means that with UEFA Euro 2021 coming up next summer, the domestic leagues need to shut up shop across Europe in the name of preparing players and managers for the second-biggest international tournament in world […]

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NEW MUSIC: George Holliday – Young & Free

George Holliday releases uplifting folk-pop single “Young & Free”, recorded from his very own mobile studio. It’s not every day you come across a song that has been entirely written, produced and recorded from a converted library bus, but George Holliday (who aptly seems to be on a permanent holiday) has taken on that challenge. …

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