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What has 2021 got in store for us?

With the start of the new year, and the dreadful 2020 now thankfully just a memory, thoughts are now turning to what the future may bring, particularly on a Pink Floyd related front. Whilst things generally are still very much up in the air, January is always a good time for – either serious or completely outlandish – speculation and pondering on things which might happen across the coming year. Covid-19 put paid to concert plans last year of course. We were looking forward to shows that had been announced by Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets, and Roger Waters with his This Is Not A Drill tour, which was to be “in the round” rather than the normal end stage presentation. Both tours were naturally postponed. Some places have tentatively resumed shows but most haven’t yet. Will it take significant inroads into vaccinations, and infection rates/hospitalisations significantly reduced, before concerts will properly resume? Standing gigs would seem particularly unlikely for a while. One thing that seemed clear last year was that once initial lockdown issues had been dealt with (for example, pressing plants and warehouses closed) and new working methods worked out, there was a buoyant release market for artists across the musical spectrum. Whilst a lot of the material was retrospective, with deluxe editions and suchlike, there was also a lot of new material released as well, some of which had been inventively recorded during lockdown. The normal, annual Record Store Day turned into three, pretty full events, with an additional raft of releases on Black Friday, and with National Album Day also taken into account, it was a busy time on the music front. So, it’s time for you to look into your crystal balls – what do you think or hope 2021 will bring us, in particular on the Floyd-related front? It would be interesting if you have other thoughts too. Record Store Day has been announced for June 12th, and there’s normally some tasty things released that day. Will there be a Floyd-related release this year? When do you think gigs will resume? Drop us a line (at and let us know what your views are!

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