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Syd Barrett’s guitar & other items to be sold for charities

In an upcoming auction at Cheffins Auctioneers in Cambridge (,the-art-design-sale_204.htm?search=true&categoryName=&textSearch=barrett) a range of Syd Barrett items are going on sale. One of the items – a 12-string Yamaha acoustic guitar – is being sold with all proceeds being split between Mind, the mental health charity, and the Arthur Rank Hospice. It’s being sold by his nephew Mark Barrett. Mark said the guitar was stored with his father, Alan Barrett (Syd’s brother) after the Hills Road house was sold in 1974 but Syd “never collected the guitar”. Alan continued to store it over three subsequent house moves, eventually offering it to Mark after Syd’s death. Mark told the Cambridge News that “I finally collected it from my father’s house in November of 2020, shortly before he died. Unfortunately, I never got to know my uncle Roger, though I would have loved to, but he was a recluse in his later years.” The guitar has a serial number of 1090448 with a date code for October 21st 1969. There’s a (surely extremely low) selling estimate of £5,000-10,000 for this instrument. (,the-art-design-sale_204.htm?search=true&categoryName=&textSearch=barrett). Our thanks to all those who contacted us about this sale!

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