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SXSW 2019 – Saturday with Hayes Carll, Ben Dickey, The Iguanas and more

Ben Dickey 16032019-02The last day of SXSW 2019 I spent seeing the excellent film Nothing Stays The Same in the afternoon, before walking over to South Congress and the Bloodshot Records party behind The Yard Dog. After dinner I went  to The Continental Club to see the bands there.  To me this was the perfect closing to a hectic and successful SXSW. Photo above: Ben Dickey)

Angie McMahon 16032019-02Angie McMahon

Saturday on South Congress is almost a separate festival in its own right with live music on almost every spot between Austin Motel and Oltorf. The main venues are the parking lot behind Jo’s Coffee, Continental Club with Mojo’s Mayhem, Guero’s garden, the back yard at the Yard Dog and Lucy’s Fried Chicken. This year I stayed at The yard Dog, seeing  Churchwood and Jon Langford, but all these venues are worth visiting,  with live bands from noon to 7-8 PM.

Jon Langford 16032019-03Jon Langford

After a dinner at Guero’s, I went over to the Continental Club and stayed there the rest of the evening. I always experience a little fatigue on Saturday, after seeing bands and going to seminars every day and night for more than a week. And the bands at the Continental Club are usually all to my liking, both  bands and artists I have seen before, and also the new ones, so it was an easy choice.  This year I saw  Angie McMahon, Ben Dickey, Hayes Carll and The Iguanas.


Churchwood 16032019-02

Churchwood 16032019-01

Jon Langford

Jon Langford 16032019-04

Jon Langford 16032019-01

Angie McMahon

Angie McMahon 16032019-01

Angie McMahon 16032019-03

Ben Dickey

Ben Dickey 16032019-04

Ben Dickey 16032019-06

Hayes Carll

Hayes Carll 16032019-01

Hayes Carll 16032019-03

Hayes Carll 16032019-02

The Iguanas

Iguanas 16032019-01

Iguanas 16032019-03

Iguanas 16032019-02

Hayes Carll 16032019-04Hayes Carll

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