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Quiz: The ultimate test for all Tottenham fans who think they know everything about WHL

Last week marked the three year anniversary of Tottenham playing their last home game at White Hart Lane.

Seventeen wins and two draws ensured an unbeaten home record during their last campaign at the old stadium and those performances contributed greatly to their 2nd place finish during the 2016-17 campaign.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side was on the brink of great things. However, the subsequent move to Wembley and the funding of the new stadium impacted the Argentine’s opportunity to take his side to the next level.

It is fair to say that ‘The Lane’, as it is affectionately known, was one of football’s great stadiums and is sadly missed. As a result, we wonder how much Spurs fans remember about their old home patch?

This quiz should separate the men from the boys…

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