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Pink Floyd’s The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn – mono 180g vinyl coming

For the 2018 Record Store Day, one of the more popular and sought after releases was a new mono edition of Pink Floyd’s The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, the band’s superb 1967 debut album. The mono mix on the album was remastered in 2017 from the original mono analogue tapes by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman. For those who missed out on this one-day-only release (which came with a Pink Floyd Records catalogue number of PFRLP26), there’s some great news. This excellent sounding mix is coming on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl, on March 4th 2022. It comes without the additional outer sleeve and poster that the Record Store Day edition came with, instead appearing in the classic cover (with a removable sticker), as per the picture shown here. The record labels mimic the original black and gold Columbia records labels. It has a catalogue number of PFRLP38, for those who are keeping track of all those – and we know a few people who are doing just that! ORDERING LINKS: Not all these are fully live yet but please keep trying if your chosen store doesn’t have it available yet. All purchases made after using one of our links make a small but vital contribution toward the site running costs, and we really appreciate it! Piper At The Gates Of Dawnmono 180g vinyl: ( Amazon UK ( camp=1634 creative=19450 creativeASIN=%20%20B09Q3ZS8YV linkCode=as2 tag=braindamage-21) Canada ( Germany ( France ( Italy ( camp=3370 creative=23322 creativeASIN=%20%20B09Q3ZS8YV linkCode=as2 tag=bradamonl-21) Spain ( camp=3626 creative=24822 creativeASIN=%20%20B09Q3ZS8YV linkCode=as2 tag=braidama01-21) As an alternative you can also order the new edition of this classic album from the UK based HMV store ( which may be a preferred option for you.

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