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Photos | Review: The Growers get Beach Goth-y at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit, Michigan

Who: The Growlers

Where: The Majestic Theatre, Detroit, Michigan

When: September 18, 2019

Beach Goth. Is it a sound or a festival or a lifestyle? Yes is the only answer, but for the purpose here today, let’s just stick with sound. It’s a mash up of surf, psych, and garage rock, and it is the sound that The Los Angeles based group The Growlers are known for. A sound that the crowd in a nearly sold-out Majestic Theatre was waiting for. And they did not disappoint.

When The Growlers hit the stage they started things out with an undoubtedly distinct beach-y vibe, “Heaven in Hell.” Something a bit relaxed, something to get the crowd moving (or swaying) to. From there things got a bit more upbeat, the crowd included, as the second song the group played was “Too Many Times.” The song has a bit of a lounge vibe to it, but with lead singer Brooks Nielsen’s distinct vocals, there is no denying that this the Beach Both boys.

The group played a huge 20 song set, including “Natural Affair,” the lead single off the LP of the same name, which has been also getting some heavy rotation on SiriusXMU in recent months. Fans can be a bit weird around an artist’s new music, but with such a cult like following spanning 7 albums, it was like everyone already knew the new music. A few more crowd favorites like “City Club” and “Chinese Fountain” rounded out the set before giving into the crowd’s chants for an encore.

The Growlers ended the night with “Going Gets Tuff,” a track about worry, doubt, and uncertainty that lyrically seems fitting in this day and age, When the going gets tough / That the labor of our love / Will reward us soon enough. It’s a message that reminds us we will pull through, no matter what, but based on the faces of the crowd and the happiness you could feel inside the venue, it’s not like anyone had a worry in the world that night.

Post and photos by David Painter

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