Photos | Review: The Floozies & Sunsquabi Light Up The Sylvee


Who: Dayglow Funk Tour w/ The Floozies & Sunsquabi

Where: The Sylvee, Madison, Wisconson

When: March 7th, 2020

The Floozies and Madison frequent fliers Sunsquabi brought their Dayglow Funk tour to a balmy 60 degree Wisconsin Saturday, turning the inside of the Sylvee as warm and wonderful as it was outside. The combination of these two pillars of funky music seemed to be a match made in heaven, and this one-two punch promised a bright, warm, atmospheric night of music to get lost to.

Both bands played a set that seamlessly moved from one extended absolute jam to the next, swelling and passing in waves as spellbinding rhythms swirled from song to song without seemingly any time passing at all. While Sunsquabi’s set leaned more towards the hypnotic and smooth side of things, The Floozies brought their signature bass-heavy funk sound paired with an absolute onslaught of strobes and lasers presented in a typical chaotic fashion. Explosions of light were the rule rather than the exception as every single song brought a new combination of strobes and lasers blasted across the crowd from their enormous tower of light framing the stage. Beach balls abounded and fans got down to grooves for a long night as the bands kept people dancing for a solid 3 hours combined,  much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Post and photos by Joey Dunst

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