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Photos | Review: Sum 41 – “Order In Decline” World Tour at The Apollo Theater in Belvedere, Illinois

Right from the get-go Sum 41 comes in hard with the opening track from their newest album, Order In Decline. They waste no time in digging into their 20-year-old discography to go right into such amazing hits like The Hell Song and Motivation. For the next hour and a half Sum 41 played a great mix of songs from all of their albums. Everything from straight-up hard-hitting pop-punk gems like Better Off Dead to slower emotional songs like Pieces. Kickass guitar solos, all-out sing-along, to having the venue illuminated by nothing but cell phones, Sum 41’s live performance has all of the makings of a phenomenal rock show. The band sounds just as good as they did when they introduced an entire generation of fans, including me, to the world of pop-punk 2 decades ago. They play with the same energy as they did back then and are showing no signs of slowing down. If Sum 41 is coming to your town, do not pass up the chance to see them.


Turning Away
The Hell Song
Motivation (88 outro)
Fake My Own Death
We’re All to Blame
Some Say
Out for Blood
The New Sensation
Walking Disaster
Makes No Difference
Underclass Hero
No Reason
Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
In Too Deep
Still Waiting


Machine Gun
Fat Lip

Who: Sum 41: Order In Decline World Tour

Where: The Apollo Theatere AC, Belvidere, Illinois

When: December 15, 2019

Post and photos by Bryan McCabe (Facebook | Instagram | Website)


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