Photos | Review: Interpol rocks Meadowbrook Amphitheater in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Who: Interpol

Where: Meadowbrook Amphitheatre, Rochester Hills, Michigan

When: September 23, 2019

To quote Tom Hanks in That Thing You Do, “You guys look great in black, have I told you that?” The always-well-dressed members of Interpol certainly did. Having released their sixth studio album, Marauder, just over a year ago and an EP titled A Fine Mess earlier this Spring you would be surprised to see them out on the road, let alone opening for anyone, even if that anyone is Morrissey.

As the trio took the stage the crowd went insane. It was loud. That is right up until the mellow vibe of Untitled hit their eardrums. The rhythmic swaying started to happen to the crowd up front in the pit. Everyone was ready to rock, but Interpol is just letting you know they are here, and they know what you want.

If you know anything about Interpol you know that subtle is not their sound. These guys are post-punk with a bit grunge. They did form in the ‘90s after all. The next two tracks hit harder, much harder. ‘C’mere’ and ‘If You Really Love Nothing brought the crowd right into the groups wheelhouse. And that’s exactly where they stayed for the entire set. The grungey type rock that they’ve always been known for.

“NYC”, “Evil,” and then the groups most recent hit “The Rover,” the lead single off Marauder. The group played a slightly shorter set than you would expect, but still played well over an hour before closing their set with “Obstacle 1.” Interpol has some great new rock that is still as loud and aggressive as ever, but hearing any of their music will always ring a little bit nostalgic too.

Post and photos by David Painter

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