Photos | Review: Charli XCX in Portland, Oregon

Who: Charli XCX

Where: Roseland Theater, Portland, Oregon

When: October 6, 2019

Strobe lights, an intricate rig, surprise dancers, costume changes, and infectious pop music. Charli XCX took the Portland venue and turned it into equal parts a night club and large stadium show.

How Charli XCX isn’t selling out stadiums is pop’s biggest mystery, but that doesn’t stop this underrated artist from doing the things she loves. Off the release of her latest album Charli, she took her act on tour with the intention of giving her audience an experience and show she’s proud of. Carefully handpicking her set across her work, and bringing an impressive lighting and stage rig on tour with her. Charli, and her fans, never stopped moving and kept their party going all night. Watching Charli sing and move across the stage, commanding her audience, is awe striking.

She’s set herself up and accompanied by a cult following. Her entire audience of supporters knew the words equally to her songs new and old. A deafening scream followed by the unison of lyric shouting opened the show when Charli stepped on stage and performed “Next Level Charli,” the opener to her latest album. Fans were thrilled to hear early Charli XCX songs like “Vroom Vroom” and “Unlock It,” and newer fan favorites like “White Mercedes.”

Though she’s even said it herself that she thinks she’s underrated, that will never stop Charli XCX from proving the major media outlet and critics wrong. With each release she continues to make the music she wants to and feels is important, while giving back to her fans with a new show and experience they’ll never forget.

For more information on Charli XCX, visit her website.


Post by Joe Hernandez (Instagram l Website)

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