Photos | Review: Banks in Portland, Oregon

Who: Banks

Where: Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon

When: September 26, 2019

The alternative/electro artist Banks brought The III Tour to Portland, and it was a night and experience her loyal Portland fanbase will always remember.

After a soulful performance from Kevin Garrett, who many in the crowd were familiar with and sang along to many of his songs, the crowd waited patiently for Banks to come onstage and blow them away. Finally, the lights dimmed, and Banks walked onto the stage with a dancer on each side of her, and blood red lights flooded the venue.

The crowd remained starstruck in awe at the powerful performance in front of them. With flashing and moody lights, Banks commanded their attention with compelling choreography and gestures with her dancers. The crowd moved and sang in unison with the artist, and was hushed when Banks put her vocal talent on display while performing her slower songs solo on stage.

With three albums out, Banks continues to dominate the alternative music scene and deliver records and tours praised by fans. III is her most experimental album to date, her fans love her for being an artist willing to embrace her whims and push her art and creativity. Banks is an artist not willing to settle on one single sound, and continues to surprise us all with the direction and subject of her work.

For more information on Banks, visit her website.


Post by Joe Hernandez (Instagram l Website)

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