Photos l Review: Magic Giant and American Authors Bring Band Of Brothers Tour to 9:30 Club

When the bands bring out a Plinko board to decide which of the two co-headliners would play first, you know you’re in for a great show, and that’s exactly what Magic Giant and American Authors did on the opening night of their Band of Brothers Tour at the infamous 9:30 Club!

With it being the beginning of their countrywide tour, the energy was high with all the bands involved, especially the openers, PUBLIC. They were the perfect addition to this tour, as they got the crowd hyped up the second they hit the stage! Especially when they busted out a rather electric cover of “Toxic” by Brittany Spears, now that got everyone dancing! They immediately established a great connection with the room, which had everyone leaving the show that night knowing this wasn’t the last time they saw PUBLIC!

As I mentioned earlier, the Plinko board was the deciding factor as to who came on stage first, and with 2-1, it was American Authors! But, both bands exploded out onstage in a wonderful mashup of instruments, giving fans just a taste of what’s to come in this true co-headliner tour.

American Authors starts off strong, immediately getting everyone in the house jumping around and dancing to their very catchy and upbeat music. They performed a mixture of old and new songs, with lead vocalist Zac Barnett making sure to capture everyone’s attention by interacting with the crowd as often as possible.

When, after a decent amount of songs, it seems that their set is over, and right away Magic Giant hits the stage! They had the audience singing along instantly, as lead singer Austin Bisnow grooves all across the stage. A few songs in, and they part the crowd so that the whole band can get up close and personal during a beautiful performance of their song “Great Divide”.

After that, the bands swap! You thought you’d seen the last of American Authors? Well you’re in for a treat! Barnett is back on stage singing a fantastic stripped-down version of their song “Luck”, with the rest of the band in the audience, encouraging the crowd to sing along.

They seamlessly swapped between the two bands, giving a good amount of songs to each of them, before switching to the other group and repeating the process. It was easily one of the most entertaining shows I’ve been to in a while, because you never quite knew what was coming next, or even who was going to be on stage next! They constantly kept you on your toes by bringing out one member of the other band to help play a song, or have both bands on at the same time performing together.

The bands promoted a great atmosphere at the show, encouraging people to have fun, and keep your loved ones close. They even had a booth in the venue to encourage people to register to vote! And, even when the music ended, the good vibes didn’t stop there! All three bands came out into the venue after the show and met any and all fans there! I had the chance to speak with them, and I’ll be the first to tell you that all of them are great, funny guys! The best example was, when talking to Dave Rublin of American Authors, he joked I put this quote in my article, “American Authors – they’re really nice guys.” and here it is Dave! Told ya I’d do it, and it’s completely true!

The Band of Brothers tour was the perfect combination of bands and live music, and it was a night I’m sure everyone there won’t forget anytime soon!

Be sure to check out “Disaster Party” by Magic Giant, “Microphone” by American Authors, and “Make You Mine” by PUBLIC.

Post and photos by Taylor Pettitt (Website | Instagram | Twitter )

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