Photos l Review: Ghost’s Final Day of Tour at Cool Insuring Arena in Glens Falls, New York

Who: Ghost- The Ultimate Tour Named Death Tour

Where: Cool Insuring Arena, Glens Falls, New York

When: October 26, 2019

Leading up to the show, almost a year in advance, I was been told by numerous people that I needed to go and see the band Ghost live. Now, I have listened to them for quite a while now but just happened to miss the last time they were in town, the Fall of 2018. Here we are, the Fall of 2019, and now I can say that I’ve finally seen, and experienced, Ghost live.
They live up to the hype.
From amazing and well put together attire, to the incredible solos and melodic soft rock music, Ghost puts on one hell of a show.
The lighting should get a mention of its own, among other things. It was formatted beautifully with each song, making it all the more dramatic and intriguing. It helped to tell a story thought each song, something you don’t always see in live performance.
The masks that each musician wears on stage are so unique and give a different vibe and feel to the show unlike any other.
The actual set up and design of the stage also deserves a mention- mostly white and designed like a chapel, or a castle, I prefer to think both.
The setlist was a range of old stuff to their newest singles, which is an immediate prop to the band in my book. There’s nothing I like to see more than a well thought out setlist with a vast variety of songs.
The crowd added a lot to the show too, many dressed up and really were into it. I chatted with a couple of fans, those of which said this was either their favorite band or in their top five. It’s not hard to see why they’d say that. Those fans had of course seen the band multiple times prior but were just as stocked to see them again.
On this night in a little city called Glens Falls, located in New York, Ghost put on a most intriguing, energetic, and so perfectly seamless show. Never have I seen a group of musicians play so beautifully and perfectly before. Well rehearsed, well thought out. A 10/10 must-see band in my book.

Post, photos, and review by Brooke Champine

Did you attend this tour? Comment below.


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