Photos l Review: Eliza & The Delusionals in Orange County, California

Who: Eliza & The Delusionals

Where: Observatory OC, Santa Ana, California

When: February 5, 2020

Supporting The Silversun Pickups, Eliza and The Delsionals brought their electrifying alternative pop sound to the US for the first time. Hot off the release of their new single “Pull Apart Heart”, the band kicked off their U.S. debut at The Observatory in Orange County.

After an opening set from LA’s Cuffed Up, the band launched into their set which contains older favorites off their 2017 debut such as “19”, a headbang educing song with a chorus that rings out “19 in the same place, still making the same mistakes”, and new tracks such as the unreleased “Swimming Pool”. A personal favorite of the set was “Half Empty Girl”, an energetic bop of a song with brooding, relatable lyrics that juxtaposes the danceable nature of the song. To close out the set, the band performed their current chef-d’oeuvre , “Just Exist”.

“Just Exist is about the balance of feeling depressed and feeling creative and inspired by those feelings…I hate feeling down but if I didn’t feel that way I think I would plainly just exist.” -Eliza Klatt

In 2017, Eliza and The Delusionals dropped their debut ep The Deeper End containing five, electrifying alternative pop songs. 3 years later the band is set to release their debut full length A State of Living in Objective Reality in the spring. Until then, you can catch them on tour with The Silversun Pickups.

Post and gallery by Hector Vegara


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