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Ormiston unveils his summery and scintillating new single, ‘Rebel’

Drizzled with sunshine and sprinkled with joy, Ormiston unveils his summery and scintillating new single, ‘Rebel’. As the first track to be released from the Montreal-based singer, songwriter and producer, ‘Rebel’ marks Ormiston’s debut as a solo artist and an incredibly strong start for the young musician.

Based on the fiery passion of a new relationship, ‘Rebel’ explores the good, the bad and the ugly of intense and fervent feelings towards your better half. Speaking on his release, Ormiston shares:

“‘Rebel’ is a song about a turbulent relationship between two lovers. A passionate relationship bringing the best and sometimes the worst out of both individuals. With this first single, Ormiston explores the sound of coastal beach tones mixed with indie-pop.”

Bringing together uptempo elements of indie-pop, chillwave, yacht rock and electro-disco, the Lisbon Lux signee delivers the antithesis to a year of bad news with this golden slice of audible joy. Think of the feel-good vibes of Toro Y Moi and MGMT, then you’ve got a good sense of what Ormiston is all about, and with an album set for release later in the year, we can’t wait to see what more Ormiston has up his musical sleeve.

Keep up with Ormiston:

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