Origi better than Rashford; £60m fee not too much for Maguire

Liverpool fans scoff at their rivals Man Utd who are analysing their transfer policy, while Arsenal fans are frustrated again in Your Says of the Day.

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Objectives for the summer

For me just to get out of this rut would be the main thing even if that means no challenge for anything particular. We’re a bit of a laughing stock, players playing with no passion or fight.
The fact Ole is signing or focusing on youth pleases me because if that means starting from scratch but moving in some kind of recognisable direction then good.
I’m hoping we get a decent centre back an all action midfielder and a clinical finisher.

Lots of names mentioned to get rid of and unfortunately its unlikely we’ll see them all go but top of my list would be Lingard. I hate the prick and for me he has got to be the worst influence in the dressing room. I retain a hope that Pogba stays and flourishes with a quicker more mobile team with younger players.

Jones is sh*te as is Smalling and I hope they are no where near first choice next season but I don’t mind them as much as I do Lingard, Rojo Darmian Sanchez who just need bombing out of the club


Maguire has scored more career goals than both Smalling and Jones combined. He’s become one of the first names on the team sheet for England. He is dominant in the air but can also play with his feet and makes some great runs from the back. He’d be a great partner for Lindelof.

You would hope that, at 26, he has another level or two to improve – but let’s not pretend he wouldn’t instantly be the best CB at the club if we signed him.


I wouldn’t sign him for more than £60m, he’s a good player but not world class. If we pay too much for him other clubs will expect the same.

Any of you seem Dani Olmo play? Looks good on YouTube…


Doesn’t really matter what he costs. He’s English, he’s 26 and Liverpool already f**ked that market up when they paid £75m for Virgil 2 years ago.
We didn’t spend much last summer so I’m happy for the club to splash a few hundred million this summer if it means improving the squad.



Optimistic United

Looks like United fans have started smoking early! 🙂 🙂 🙂

RedCafe – Can we win the league?

Also Rashford is on 200k basic wages before bonuses. I don’t think Rashford is any better than Origi. Whilst Origi just had his best season he is still having to play for a contract extension whilst Rashford is being given the keys to United.


Good player Rashford United needed to tie him down imo. Orgi though has looked good when called upon.

nine nine nine

Rashford has everything in him to be top class but he’s to inconsistent and doesn’t score enough goals. Still only very young and with the right coaching can become class

Origi scored so many important goals last season but doesn’t do much else. His general play is poor but of his only contribution is scoring goals in massive games then you can’t really complain

I’d still sell him and go for an upgrade

Sean the Sailor


‘The usual joke’

This transfer window is as usual a joke. We desperately need defensive and midfield reinforcements and we are supposedly after Zaha! What is the point of another forward? We do not lack goals but our defence is one of the worst we have ever had. Possibly Bellerin and Holding are the only ones worth persevering with in the future, but again, would either get into any of our rivals’ sides when fit? I do not think we are serious about Zaha anyway. The hierarchy must think fans are stupid. As if Palace, having received £50m for their right back would allow their best captain to leave for £10m less and in instalments? The club are throwing around supposed transfer bids knowing full well they will be rejected, but giving the impression they are trying. Remember Higuain and Suarez in previous years and then we signed Ozil instead in a panic.When we still had not signed a striker when the season was about to start?
Lastly, The Special Needs One, this is for you. You have been warned previously when anyone who countered your obsession with average players was called ” stupid”, “idiot”, “ignorant” etc. You also labelled a poster a “ moron”. If you are unable to resist everyone outing you as the most clueless poster ever on this site without having a hissy fit, or calling people clowns you will soon be banned and the site will be a good one again. Now, go and support the good old US of A tonight when the ladies play soccer, won’t you?


Regarding valuations its a joke yes but its only us that dont abide by them. We dont want to overpay which is understandable but if true that we also value our own players low then that is very stupid.


As usual, Jeff bridges the antagonist of this forum trying to pest his way back and spiral it into a different vaccum altogether by provoking needless responses.Let’s not give him the satisfaction,done it many a time.Someone who defies logic in every single post,someone who can’t differentiate between a fact and an opinion.
Just few weeks back he said he’d never return to this forum,and everything was fine until he returned to pest this forum with his nonsense.Jeff,no one replies to you.No one debates with you because you’re incapable of a debate let alone a civil one.Why did you even return when you explicitly said you wouldn’t.A man who’s disloyal to his word isn’t a man at all,but that’s what I suspected all along.Now let the adults discuss football and buzz of.Go join the girls scouts or something,I can see you fit in well in there lol.

Muffler – I’ve said all along Arsenal live in the 90’s where transfer valuations are concerned.This club has failed to adapt to the changing markets.This has been going on for decades.Remember when we sold The best striker in the world Henry in his prime for a mere 16m with four years remaining on his contract.Or cesc for just 35m.The list is endless really.

No idea why we’re still in for youngsters.Are they even going to get a chance at this club?If we send them out on loan and if they are unearthed talents there if we were to sell them this club wouldn’t even know what price to command for them.They’d sell for 1/3 of the player’s value.If we’re going to invest in youngsters we should atleast have a suitable model in place.


Well young players is what we can afford so nothing strange about that. They will get their chance because we dont have a squad big enough.

No money youth and free transfer are what we are looking for.

Every team look for talent but for us now its all we can get.



United at a crossroads

This season can go either way but Ole´s strategy of buying young hungry players playing for the shirt is healthy. He is trying to build up something new.
This can take some time and as always dependant on finding the right players.
Has he found the right players in James and AWB so far? Maybe,at least they will be playing for the shirt which is the most important thing when building a new team.

Which leads us to the other side of the scale of players attitude like Martial,Rashford,Pogba and the absolute prick of them all Lingard.
These f**kers can bring the whole team and management down.
Yes,Martial,Rashford and Pogba are players you build a team around but if Ole dont get them on board on this mentality boot camp he need to get rid.

Maguire for 90M is crazy money and i would stay away from Umtiti also i never rated him. Must be better cb´s out there.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer TEAMtalk

Happyhurling, I wish I shared your optimism but I’m basing my predictions on what is going on now and has been gone on for about a decade.

Signing “young and hungry players” is all well and good in theory but they’ll be walking into a poisonous dressing room and more intense pressure than they’ve ever known. There’s an inherent lack of direction and leadership throughout the club and while Solskjaer was the perfect short-term replacement for Mourinho he’s yet to show any signs of becoming a top-class manager. I hope he does, because there’s no one I’d like more to succeed at this club, but great teams aren’t built on hope alone.

Great teams are also not built on only signing “young and hungry players” – they need to be very good players and the club has experienced difficulties in either identifying those or luring them to United.



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