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Now listening to Emilia Tarrant’s timely single ‘September’

With the month of September just around the corner and an increasingly changing season just up ahead, we find ourself looking for a change of pace in our listening habits. Meeting the criteria for warm, autumnal music is Emilia Tarrant, the emerging singer-songwriter who has been steadily releasing delightful indie-pop ballad over the past year or so. ‘September’ represents the fourth track in a series that also includes ‘Honeymoon Phase’, ‘If Love Is A Gun’ and ‘Here You Are, Again’, each of which uses that special relationship between vocals and acoustic instruments to express different emotional narratives whether that be about love or the pandemic. As for ‘September’, this velveteen single was penned at the end of summer 2020 when reflecting on the change of seasons and the possibilities that could bring. Emilia explains some of the thought processes behind the track’s theme: “We took lyrical inspiration from the events of the month, my favourites having to be ‘berries are bitter, the swallows have flown’. I loved exploring this sort of lyricism with Archie, as well as picking up it’s pace with producer Luke Potashnick (Gabrielle Aplin) in the studio.”

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