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“Morphed into Karl Robinson” – These Charlton fans all “really disagree” with the same thing

Charlton fans have taken to Twitter to react to Lee Bowyer’s post-Millwall comments following the 2-1 defeat, and it is clear to see that they aren’t in agreement with him.

The 42-year-old Charlton boss said: “We were better than them, I thought, from start to finish. We should have won the game and to come away with nothing, is so disappointing.”

While on paper his words seem normal enough, it does seem strange of Bowyer to say that his side were better than Millwall from start to finish if you look at the statistics.

Gary Rowett’s side had more shots than the Addicks, completed more dribbles and had five more corners – the Lions also made one more key pass than their opponents, and won a substantial 27 more offensive aerial duels.

It really didn’t look like a game that Charlton dominated by any means, whether you were to have actually watched the game or look at the stats – Bowyer’s comments do sound inaccurate on the basis of how the game played out.

Significantly, that is a sentiment that some Charlton fans on Twitter agree with…

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