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Martin announces David Gilmour custom signature guitars

During next week’s NAMM Believe in Music Week, guitar manufacturers C F Martin & Co are introducing a brace of David Gilmour Custom Signature Edition D-35 guitars. Following the 2019 Christie’s Auction, Martin’s partners at Westside Distribution in the UK approached Gilmour, who agreed to collaborate with Martin on a six string and a twelve string D-35. “I was so excited when Westside contacted us about the opportunity to build a signature model for David,” said Fred Greene, Vice President of Product Development at Martin Guitar. “He is one of my all-time favorite guitar players, and having the chance to collaborate with him on an instrument was truly a bucket list moment for me. The collaboration is also a perfect fit for Martin Guitar, a company that shares David’s hope for a more sustainable world that we can leave in good conscience for generations to come.” “Looking back on the design process,” Greene said, “My first thought was that David might want a replica of his 1969 D-35, and, while that would be cool, it would not leave a lot of room for creativity. I was so excited to hear that he was more interested in creating something unique and special to this moment in time. I knew we could provide him with options and features that would allow this new instrument to exist on its own merits, while still drawing upon his original D-35 for inspiration. Much like David’s music, this guitar is a unique and inspirational piece of art that hopefully will inspire others to create their own art.” The Martin Custom Shop created three prototypes that would later be presented to David for feedback. Typically made with rosewood, this is the first time Martin built a three-piece back “35” with sinker mahogany. The 6- and 12-string models are both finished in vintage gloss, a historic process normally available only on the Martin Authentic Series models. Both models have head stamps, as found on early Martin guitars, however, this is the first time in its history that Martin has created special head stamps for an artist signature edition. Both guitars come in a slate blue case, a nod back to the blue case that David’s original D-35 would have left the factory in all those years ago. Finally, and as if all this isn’t already special enough, every guitar bears a custom internal paper label, each one individually signed by David himself. Martin will produce a total of 250 guitars, split between the 6-string and 12-string models. They will be available for purchase at select Martin retailers, with the partnership supporting the David Gilmour Charitable Foundation. For more information, visit ( Photo by Polly Samson

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