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Marcus Rashford reserves Man United tickets for pair of NHS workers: ‘The real superstars’

A superb gesture on the part of Marcus Rashford has seen the Manchester United star earn widespread praise online this afternoon.

Coronavirus wreaking havoc

The COVID-19 (more commonly referred to as the coronavirus) outbreak has of course been headline news worldwide for over a month now.

As of this afternoon, over 2 million people have tested positive for the virus

The death toll, meanwhile, sits at almost 129,000.

The scale of the situation has understandably also seen the sporting world take a heavy hit, with football having come to a near standstill across the globe.

In Europe, all of the top-5 leagues, along with the Champions League and Europa League, having been postponed for the time being.

In fact, at present, Belarus stands as the only European country where top-level football continues to be played.

Rashford’s brilliant gesture

These measures, meanwhile, have since resulted in a host of players and clubs alike moving to aid those in need wherever possible.

Premier League giants Arsenal pitched in with a much-needed donation last week, with high-profile names such as  Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi taking it upon themselves to forward massive donations to hospitals, as the health sector continues to man the front line in the battle against COVID-19.

And, as outlined above, the latest football star to have today done his part to showcase his gratitude for the tireless work of the NHS staff is Marcus Rashford.

A Twitter exchange this morning saw NHS worker Josh Howes question Rashford on his injury recovery, before expressing his excitement at the prospect of returning to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United in action once the coronavirus crisis has passed.

Howes and his wife, both of whom work in hospitals in the UK, were also pictured in the Tweet.

Rashford then took it upon himself to reach out to Howes, with a reply outlining his gratitude for the work of the NHS, as well as the promise of 2 tickets for one of Manchester United fixture’s down the line:

The exchange continued:

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